Made for Mini Jam #14 - Elements

The Limitation was no humans!

WASD to move and shoot

ARROW KEYS to change elements


Fire makes Fire grow

Fire is weak to Water 

Fire beats Air

Fire transforms Earth

Water makes Water grow

Water is weak to Earth

Water beats Fire

Water transforms Air

Earth makes Earth grow

Earth is weak to Air

Earth beats Water

Earth transforms Fire

Air makes Air grow

Air is weak to Fire

Air beats Earth

Air transforms Water

Hope you enjoy it!


Philosopher's Stone Mac 26 MB
Philosopher's Stone Windows 21 MB


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Cool game idea and execution. The movement is great and snappy. Still don't know what is good against what and the actual attacking is a bit weird and clunky.

Thank you for the feedback! 

Glad you liked it!

The text pop ups through out the world should give hints to what elements should be used against what, but I'll be adding a text version to the description for future reference.

Thanks again!

Pretty cool game and asks a lot of time to understand 

Still the game play is a bit weird 

Screen is a bit too large had to zoom out to play correctly 

Good work :D


Thanks so much for the feedback! 

We are glad to hear you enjoyed it.

Regarding the screen size, did you play the in browser version or one of the downloadable versions?

Thanks again!